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Hair Loss

1. Insurance information - contact your insurance company to inquire about coverage for Hair Loss, Wigs, Alopecia, Cranial Prosthesis, etc.


2. Treatment Information- Be prepared to explain the medical treatment you are receiving for your condition. (i.e. are you receiving injections, if so how often?  Are you using topical creams?, etc.)


*this information helps to decide the hairpiece needed for the type of medical treatment your receiving.


3. Dermatology Handouts/Paperwork - Many dermatologist will give a print out of including diagnosis, recommended treatment, etc.  In this paperwork often times, there will be a diagnostic code needed by the Hair Loss Specialist to file with the insurance. 


Don't let Hair Loss stop you from living. with today's technology you can have your confidence back.  We make it simple, easy, and affordable


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