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Beauty Tips

1. Thou shall blend. There'’s nothing worse than a weave with conflicting textures. 

2. Thou shall not let thy tracks be visible.  If you’'re unable to properly conceal your weave, just skip it all together.

3. Thou shall have thy tracks sewn on securely. Over time, tracks will loosen as you style your weave. But there’'s no reason for them to be hanging on for dear life by a single strand of weaving thread after one week of wear.

4. Thou shall not leave the salon in discomfort. I’'ve witnessed too many women leaving the salon with a headache because their tracks were sewn on too tight. Not only is it painful, but it also puts you at risk for traction alopecia.

5. Thou shall not wear a shiny weave. A quality weave will have a natural luster to it. There is no need to weigh it down with tons of product. This will only make it look fake.

6. Thou shall use the proper products for maintenance. Each weave has different needs. A curly weave might require a leave-in conditioner to reduce frizz, while a straight one might call for a lightweight moisturizer, or nothing at all. It varies, so do your research.

7. Thou shall care for thy weave as if it were thy real hair. Maximize the life of your weave by properly protecting it at night, avoiding over-processing with heat, and cleansing it regularly. Consult your hairstylist about how often you should shampoo and condition your extensions.

8. Thou shall protect thy edges and scalp. Massage an oil, such as olive or jojoba oil, infused with a stimulating herb, like rosemary, along your edges, nape, and scalp, to prevent breakage.

9. Thou shall not wear a weave beyond its expiration date. It’'s recommended that you keep your extensions in for 6 to 8 weeks. Any longer than that can lead to matting of your actual hair and result in hair loss.

10. Thou shall not become attached to thy weave. We'’re not talking about having a styling preference. We’'re talking about feeling that you need a weave to be attractive. At the end of the day, beauty exudes from the inside. Your weave should be an accessory not a mask for your insecurity.

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